Our Founder, Kelvin Lim, sets a National & World Record!


If you wanted to change the world, where would you start? Early this year, a team of ambitious volunteers hatched a daring movement to bring coaching to the streets. The movement would enable the public to experience coaching so that they could reconnect to what truly matters. When our founder and principal coach, Kelvin, heard about their plan, he immediately jumped on board. And thus, Dream Singapore was born.

For 30 consecutive days in October, Dream Singapore set up shop in various locations across Singapore and engaged the public through 15-minute coaching sessions. People from all walks of life — students, working professionals, housewives, retirees — came from all over the island to be coached. By the end of 30 days, Kelvin had coached a total of 522 people, setting both National and World records for the feat.

So what can a 15-minute conversation do for you? Check out participants’ responses:

Interested in joining the movement to make a real difference to others? Email Campaign Manager, Shuying, at shuying.ke@gmail.com to stay updated on next year’s big plans.

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